The Importance of Politics

Sam Moran reflects on why you should care about politics. I recently had a discussion with a friend who told me that he was sick of all of this talk about politics. He did not care and it had no impact on his life. I was shocked. It still bothers …

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Growing Up Brown

Srestha Mazumder writes on traditions and change in modern brown Australia Growing up in a brown family means growing up in a household filled with rules and regulations and where your father’s word is the last word. My family is the modern brown family. Modern meaning slightly more liberal than …

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Good Muslims and Bad Muslims

With Islamic terrorism in the news, thanks to the Charlie Hebdo incident among others, Aadil Ansareen, President of the UNSW Islamic Awareness Forum, is sick of the narrative being oversimplified. Here’s the story we keep hearing: there are two types of Muslims. There’s the good, moderate Muslim. He’s peaceful and …

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