A Race to Speak

By Roydon Ng A response to “Why A Racist ArtsSoc Blog Matters” by Yenee. I have two words for all the Yenees out there. They are 加油 (“add oil”), meaning to keep up the good work in Chinese. Your willingness to speak out despite cultural stereotypes and unhelpful norms of …

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Agony Ibis (March Issue)

Dear Agony Ibis, I’m in my fifth year of medicine, but I’m considering dropping out. The quality of uni life has plummeted since the Roundhouse closed, and the Greenhouse just isn’t the same. I’m this close to taking a year off to find myself, or transferring to USyd, where the …

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Death Of The Roundie?

By Stephanie Breen The Roundhouse, aka Sydney’s first ever round building, is set to be closed for another 12 months, undergoing a $25 million renovation which will hopefully bring it back into the 21st century. However, students have raised concerns that the glory days of the Roundhouse are over for …

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