On (my) Periods

by Tina Wu For me, the cramps start one week prior to period proper. A slight spasm felt in my uterus, sometimes accompanied by a ripple of pain running through my nether regions. I think to myself: ‘Ah. It begins.’ Alert now, I count the days down until I think …

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The Recent History of Pink

by Linley Briggs   You’re born, the blanket that swaddles you, pink. The cards and balloons fill the room, pink. Your first outfits, all pink. * It’s easy for us, as women, to reject traditionally feminine interests or traits, especially when they’re constantly being put down and devalued. It’s a …

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Rationalism Reconsidered

By Crystal Ji We are taught that logic and rationalism are essential to decision-making in our day-to-day lives; that we ought to not be ‘clouded by emotions’ when strategising, planning and making important choices. This favouring of abstraction and rationalism over relational considerations towards others is directly tied to structures of …

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