The fast-fashion pandemic: How and why we must all do better

Just like the threat of the climate crisis, fast-fashion consumer habits are at an all-time high. The garment industry contributes 10% of global carbon emissions, meaning we must scrutinise our fashion habits if we purport to care about the environment. Alicia navigates the challenge of being an ethical consumer in 2021 and how it is something we must all overcome together.

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“Lockdown”, “social distancing” and “COVID-safe”: How did COVID lingo become so normalised?

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the emergence of new phrases such as “social-distancing” and “flattening the curve” as well as the induction of coronavirus into the cockney rhyming slang dictionary as “Miley Cyrus.” But when do new, eloquent terms descend into the depths of political jargon and buzzwords? Tasarla Harman investigates how language can help us navigate the ongoing pandemic.

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