Bigger Democracy is Better – The Case for Kids

By Chris Shaw Modern democracy is built on universal suffrage. The word democracy translates as “the strength of the people” (Greek: demos – “people,” kratos – “strength”). But what it means for suffrage to be universal has changed significantly over time. Universal suffrage, as it was then known, swept across …

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Jacinda Ardern Isn’t Who You Think She Is

By Abhranil Hazra New Zealand is seen as a political paradise in comparison to Australia and the Western world, with its prime minister showered with accolades for her leadership and for being a young, female, progressive alternative. The truth couldn’t be more different. Jacinda Ardern’s government has continued in more …

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COVIDSafe App: Should You Download It?

By Juwariya Malik The COVIDSafe app was touted as ‘essential’[1] to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and reopening Australia’s social and economic activity. But despite its millions of downloads, was the app ever truly necessary or even helpful to reduce the spread of the virus? Further, during its operation, the …

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