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  • Arc Leads Way To Progress

    Over the last few weeks thousands of students have joined Arc and signed up for a whole year of wonderful campus life. Making sure students get the most from their time at UNSW is the foremost aim of Arc, and our student organisation puts the considerable resources of its marketing, finance, IT, retailing and advertising […]

  • Review: Undercard

    Picture this: From a bird’s eye view, a car travels along a sunlit road, fringed with countryside. In the car, a family of three is smiling, relaxed, and enjoying the ride. The mother puts on a CD, and all of a sudden the scene is ruptured by loud death metal, which only we the viewers […]

  • Concerns The Hub Duplicating Arc Services

    On January 3 this year UNSW launched The Hub, an university-funded initiative that seeks to provide a central space for students in the areas of “student development, participation and engagement”. Located on the upper-campus between the Morven Brown Building and the Central Lecture Block (CLB), The Hub states that they are a multidisciplinary team, providing […]

  • Academics In Revolt Over Academic Publisher

    Over 7500 academics have signed the online petition ‘The Cost of Knowledge’ asking the Dutch publishing giant Elsevier to rethink it’s attitude toward contributors and clients. Academics are paid by the Universities and Government to produce research in science, medicine, mathematics and many other fields.

  • SRC Calls For More Renewable Energy On Campus

    The Student Representative Council announced the launch of RenewUNSW, an initiative they say is designed to pressure the university into increasing the amount of renewable energy used on campus. Only a month ago, Tharunka broke the story of how UNSW has consistently lowered its targets for renewable energy usage on campus, with the latest Environmental […]

  • Hoover’s Dress: Reading the Stratfor Files

    Hoover’s Dress: Reading the Stratfor Files

    On February 27, the counter-cultural zeitgeist Wikileaks began releasing its 200 gigabytes of classified materials from the private U.S.-based security intelligence agency ‘Stratfor’. These internal documents, leaked by Anonymous, are slowly being digested, but the anaemic public is impatiently telling media outlets to synthesise, synthesise, synthesise.