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  • A Red Badge of Courage: The COFA Redevelopment

    A Red Badge of Courage: The COFA Redevelopment

    With a campus that has been under redevelopment for the last two years, the College of Fine Art is set to open its new doors as Gateway@COFA in March 2013. But at what cost has this been to students? With complaints from students that the university has been “misleading” and reports of “low morale” on…

  • State Government leaves UNSW Stranded in Transport Debacle

    State Transit recorded a 28% increase in the number of trips taken on the 891 service between Central and UNSW as students concerns mounted over increasing wait times and inadequate services. The increase from 59,550 to 76,371 rides in the quarter ending March mirrored an increase of student numbers by approximately 20% to 53,000 following…

  • Cuts Announced to School of Computer Science & Engineering

    The Faculty of Engineering announced plans to cut up to 20% of staff in the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in a move that one University spokesperson described as a long time coming. Employees now await the decision of Faculty Dean Graham Davies as to which positions will be made redundant.

  • Preview: Am I Good Friend?

    Preview: Am I Good Friend?

    Am I Good Friend? is a live scientific experiment in which Yve Blake tries her best to measure her ‘friendability’. This new one-woman show uses ‘life-data’ from her real life along with homemade music, truth and some arts & crafts to gauge how good a friend Yve really is. She speaks with Tharunka’s Kylar Loussikian.

  • Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Men & Feminism

    Male feminists. Oxymoron? What does it actually mean? What does being a feminist actually mean? Why does this sound like a blog post from Jezebel?

  • Labiaplasty and Female Genital Cutting: Not So Different

    Recent discussion of body modification, specifically female body modification, has inflamed cultural sensitivities and ignited serious academic debate over the role personal context has in determining what is considered the ‘inhumane’ subjugation of women. Questions of what should remain unchallenged in the name of cultural sovereignty from an outside, often Western, judgement are raised from…