Shortlist #1

Equity Committee The first SRC meeting saw deliberation on the creation of an Equity Committee as provisioned for in the SRC charter. The charter states that “the purpose of the Committee is to communicate plans between the various departments, to help plan cross-departmental events and also provide recommendations to the …

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Conservative Club controversy with rival Liberal factions continues

The controversy surrounding the creation of the Conservative Club at UNSW has continued, with new details emerging of an alleged failed attempt at club stacking, after members of the soft right Liberal-aligned Freedom Club failed to sign up as members at the Conservative Club’s Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) in order …

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The Lowdown on Lockouts

It’s a familiar pattern. Take the recent surge in stories of alcohol-related incidents with tragic endings; add an overwhelming amount of pressure from state media outlets, and it’s only a matter of time before Parliament must act. Last week, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell completed the moral panic cycle, announcing a …

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