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  • So, ‘Freedom’, What Is It?

    So, ‘Freedom’, What Is It?

    Illustrated by Wen Yu Yang Wen is a first-year Commerce student from the Island of Bubble Milk Tea, Taiwan. When she’s not writing, she can be found on volleyball courts, by the sea, or wandering in worlds of magic, faeries, and dragons.

  • Leafy Boy

    Leafy Boy

    Illustrated by Zakaa Zahir

  • Emancipate


    Illustrated by Jiashi Li Remember that artsy girl in middle school that  is super into anime, thinks she’s a cat and wears all black? Well, it wasn’t a phase. Although studying marketing requires one to communicate ideas to the public, she prefers hiding in her den and express between the motion of lines and shapes.

  • Writing Challenge – 1st Place

    Writing Challenge – 1st Place

    Illustrated by Talica Gummery and Written by Issy Golding Second image text – Written by 1st Place winner, Issy Golding: “Don’t you think they’re the same thing; love and attention?” Sweat drips down, a race to the floor, the racetrack – the curves of a body on crisp white sheets. The sun sneaks through blinds,…

  • Writing Challenge – 2nd Place

    Writing Challenge – 2nd Place

    Illustrated by Saafiyah Hussain and written by Atia Fatimah Second image text – Written by 2nd Place winner, Atia Fatimah: “Anna, are you there?” That was a deceptively complex question. Physically I wasn’t ‘there,’ mentally I was never ‘there’ and my online presence was unapologetically superficial. “I’m here… Can you hear me? My webcam is…

  • Writing Challenge – 3rd Place

    Writing Challenge – 3rd Place

    Illustrated by Sandra Thomson and written by Toby Francis Second image text – Written by 3rd Place winner, Toby Francis: Groucho, Harpo, Richard, and Karl: the Marx Brothers. Two for laughing, one for loving, and one atifor the death of the bourgeoisie. That’s the order of revolutions. First you try to change the world with…