A photograph of an orange lily flower next to a window frame.

by Phoebe Au Soft, frail and pretty, she lies there, wilting behind my father's window. She was in bloom once, plucked from a lush green meadow, severed from her roots. Leaves, like green wings, clipped. Her cries, hastily stifled. Stems, violently snapped. Unable to speak. A windowsill ornament, unable to …

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Brink and Scrawl

A black and grey drawing of a feather quill, with its nib pointed downwards.

by Liana Charles Brink Life, stretching its wingsin two sunbound arcs from the heart,cuts loose the clear breezewhich whips and whirls the world to singone high note: a dartto crack the crust of childhood’s freeze.Breathe in, and step out,for down below the soft world wakes.Each fresh fingertipyearns to trace the …

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Hurt Him, Help Her

A photograph of a glass ceiling from inside the building, looking up at a blue sky. The ceiling is circular with a spiral-like pattern in grey metal.

by Defne Content warning: intergenerational abuse. I let the tears out because I want to hurt him  To show the pain he causes me  Don't be fooled Sometimes I do know how to control them To use them as a tool, wield them as a weapon But I know it …

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A photograph of an hourglass with a wooden frame, in warm lighting.

by Phoebe Au Loneliness Is the sound an axe makes Against piano keys our fingers once had kissed. Loneliness is a mother's silence as father's flames danced to the music's charred remains. Its ashes warm us one last day in this long, cold winter.  Tell me not to be afraid …

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a photograph of an ocean wave in bright shades of blue, with the day sky showing on the upper right hand corner.

by Issy Golding Barreling forwards forever Never linear — tides don’t allow for that when there's nowhere to go It’s been dark the whole time. Alone Bobbing in the open sea. The sea parts, like a comb through hair.  Is this the end? I can smell the salty breath of …

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Sonnets to Gonski: A Tragedy in Crumbling Verse

An edit of the 'do it for her' meme, showing several photographs of David Gonski pinned to a board, with the words 'do it for her' behind them.

from Ye Olde Editorial Team Prelude. O! Chancellor Gonski, mythical man The tertiary sector is in havoc -  The Government splitting us asunder! -  misled, dazed, we’ve nothing left but panic. For the executive staff we are burdened with questions We read that, We are many and ye are few  …

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