The Indigo Man

By Sienna Barrientos Beware the Indigo Man!  Phantom of the Coatepeque!  Whose face ripples like jaded algae  Folds like lake-foam –   Is fermented under sodden banana leaves.   Be fearful of the Indigo Man!  Who salivates beneath canoes,  Sneering at plump fishermen  With iron hooks   And iron souls  Whose bile reeks …

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The Garbage Man

Daniel’s Garbage Man dives into feeling like garbage in the lonely hours of the night. Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men and Nietzsche’s concept of ‘last men’, Daniel also looks at the apathy that we can unwittingly slip into when we feel small and thrown around by life.

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A photograph of an orange lily flower next to a window frame.

by Phoebe Au Soft, frail and pretty, she lies there, wilting behind my father's window. She was in bloom once, plucked from a lush green meadow, severed from her roots. Leaves, like green wings, clipped. Her cries, hastily stifled. Stems, violently snapped. Unable to speak. A windowsill ornament, unable to …

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Brink and Scrawl

A black and grey drawing of a feather quill, with its nib pointed downwards.

by Liana Charles Brink Life, stretching its wingsin two sunbound arcs from the heart,cuts loose the clear breezewhich whips and whirls the world to singone high note: a dartto crack the crust of childhood’s freeze.Breathe in, and step out,for down below the soft world wakes.Each fresh fingertipyearns to trace the …

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