Living in Yesterday

A photograph of the interior of a ruined building, with debris and fallen scaffolding on hte ground.

by Flyn Moss Content warning: house fire, death It’s a small comfort to confront the inevitable. To see our tragedies replay themselves over and over and over again. With a checkpoint and an achievement, you have reached the next second successfully, you have reached the next hour successfully, you have …

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Writing Challenge – 1st Place

Illustrated by Talica Gummery and Written by Issy Golding Second image text – Written by 1st Place winner, Issy Golding: “Don’t you think they’re the same thing; love and attention?” Sweat drips down, a race to the floor, the racetrack – the curves of a body on crisp white sheets. …

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Writing Challenge – 2nd Place

Illustrated by Saafiyah Hussain and written by Atia Fatimah Second image text – Written by 2nd Place winner, Atia Fatimah: “Anna, are you there?” That was a deceptively complex question. Physically I wasn’t ‘there,’ mentally I was never ‘there’ and my online presence was unapologetically superficial. “I’m here… Can you …

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Writing Challenge – 3rd Place

Illustrated by Sandra Thomson and written by Toby Francis Second image text – Written by 3rd Place winner, Toby Francis: Groucho, Harpo, Richard, and Karl: the Marx Brothers. Two for laughing, one for loving, and one atifor the death of the bourgeoisie. That’s the order of revolutions. First you try …

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Beyond the Fires

Photographed by Buffy Wu Buffy Wu is a 3rd year student at the University of New South Wales studying a Bachelor of Science and Business majoring in neuroscience. Outside of her studies she is passionate about many creative extracurricular activities such as photography, music composition and design.

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Illustrated by Hana Thomson Hana is an illustrator with a background in psychology, as well as a current student of design at UNSW Art & Design. She is passionate about mental health, the Japanese language and culture, and rabbits. Check out her engaging, fun, and thought-provoking illustrations on Instagram at …

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