Under the Peepal Tree

Tia Singh ‘Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar’ The deep voice of the call for prayer boomed throughout the city. I saw Muslim men with their prayer caps, walking towards the mosque. Out of the ten that passed me, eight turned to stare. Their eyes questioned as they slowed their …

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The budget according to Grug.

2014 federal budget

Cameron McPhedran It was the morning of the Federal Budget. For conservatives in Australia, it felt like the night before Christmas. The sweet succor of poverty, hardened hearts and social inequality were what they had been dreaming of. Tony Abbott was licking his reptilian lips and was strapped into an …

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Bitter waters

Sailing to the edge of the world, I travel with the painter’s daughter We float for miles and miles, over the black and bitter water.   We’re dying every day, but never dead like ghosts trapped in a shell, from where we sit, the world is gray, in this little …

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Love Bacon

“Love bacon? Like to travel? Hate gravity?” B-Stein fondled his last memories of Earth as he unexcitedly, indiscriminately picked at his breakfast. Terra. Solid ground. It had been three years since he felt the ground, and three years of eating the same bacon every day. And it was the same …

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