First Fleet

A photograph of an Australian coast in the daytime, where the ocean meets the cliffs; the water is blue, green, and white; the cliffs are sandy brown and green.

by Ava Lacoon-Robinson Content warnings: colonisation, violence, racism Part 1: PATERNAL HIStory History folded into a schoolgirl’s journal and locked with a key. It started with white man's rabid hunger. They were given a boat and a compass and devoured the world. Handed a gun, they took a big bite.  …

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My Son Used to Have a Mother

A photograph of a stained glass window, in a pattern of tiny circles. Light is shining through the centre.

by Daisy Skerritt Content warnings: imprisonment; drug administration and addiction; violence. Beyond the window of the rattling train Cattle grazed the thirsty hills In search of greenery  Lost to the burning rural sun. It was six hours into the silent journey When the weary eyed man  Extended a calloused hand …

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Breathing Parody

A photograph of a piece of shiny red fabric on a black background, appearing to be in mid-motion.

by Vedanshi Bhalodia Content warnings: rape, child abuse, gore, PTSD, smoking.This piece engages directly with the above content. If these issues bring up anything difficult for you, please take care, consider skipping this piece, and find support resources below. Lifeline: 13 11 41Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 | Beyond Blue …

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Participant H. Zoo

A photograph of an exam paper with multiple choice boxes to fill in, with a lead pencil laying on the page.

by Atia Fatimah Content Warning: reference to self harm I delicately caress it. The flimsy piece of paper stares back at me as countless others are passed around.  This certificate of participation is awarded to Hayden Zoo. My lips curl into a smile, a mixture of amusement and defeat. They …

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House by the Sea – Part 2

a digital image of a door flipped on it side. The door is white and cracking in the middle, showing brown wood behind it. Above the door reads 'House by the Sea', and below it reads 'Wen Yu Yang'.

  Wen Yu Yang works with the UNSWeetened Literary Journal and is a regular contributor to Tharunka. Catch up on Part 1 hereContent warnings: mental illness (Disassociative Identity Disorder), non-explicit domestic violence   You watched her face collapse and felt your mental walls crack, you could barely hear Travis’s reassuring …

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A Deserving Father – Part 2

a photograph of a cobblestone street, with a fence on its left side and trees surrounding it. a pink scard is in the foreground, floating.

by Giulia MastrantoniCatch up on Part 1 here Content warning: suicidal ideation Russell enjoyed the sunlight very much. That was why, years before, he had put up a real fight with Hilary to buy a house with large windows. Hilary wasn’t supposed to clean them, of course! They could hire …

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