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  • Window Stills

    Window Stills

    By Jemima Waddell I hope to show through these photos the contrast between what is stereotypically associated with being a girl or woman and the more unique and expressive reality of what being a woman is. I wanted to represent, as best I could, how women subvert tradition and embrace femininity and womanhood in different…

  • Brown Mem Sahib and River of Smoke

    Brown Mem Sahib and River of Smoke

    by Amber Hammad Image Appropriated After Title: Olympia Artist: Edouard Manet Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: H: 130.5 cm x W: 190 cm Year: 1863 Title Appropriated After Title: The Brown Sahib Author: Varindra Tarzie Vittachi Year: 1962   Image Appropriated After Title: Hendrickje Bathing in a River Artist: Rembrandt Medium: Oil Painting on Panel…