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  • Writing Challenge – 2nd Place

    Writing Challenge – 2nd Place

    Illustrated by Aditya Patil and written by Ainslie To She reached into her pocket for a light, not to smoke or encourage a smouldering fire; she merely wanted to watch the flame flicker, to remember the warmth that was now so hard to come by.But she had to be careful, a little too close and…

  • Writing Challenge – 1st Place

    Writing Challenge – 1st Place

    Illustrated by Sandra Gunniga Thomson and written by Atia Fatimah -IMAGE TEXT- I’m sorry…I stared into her hollow eyes, once filled with passion.I love you when you’re present. When you’re unapologetically quirky and daringly honest. I love you when you’re not afraid to make mistakes. Not afraid to feel. Not afraid of yourself.I don’t like…

  • Don’t Forget Us

    Don’t Forget Us

    Illustrated by CJ Tulong + + A cat-loving postgraduate student in Communications and Journalism. CJ goes by she/they pronouns and her main interests are under the 4Ps: Politics, Pastries, Puns, and Post colonialism. When she is not writing, you can f ind her illustrations showcased in her Instagram account @sleeplesspiecesart.

  • Skin Colour Is Not Reasonable Suspicion

    Skin Colour Is Not Reasonable Suspicion

    Illustrated by Damla Dropleta Hatipoglu + + Damla is a second year industrial design student at UNSW. She is interested in sustainable living and artistic activism. In the future, she’s planning on making products that help create social and environmental change. You can follow her creative journey on Instagram @dh.creations

  • Recurrence


    Illustrated and written by Aditya Patil Imagine doing Medical Science when you could be doing literally any other degree. Unfortunately for Aditya, this is reality. He is a self-proclaimed movie critic/enthusiast and the only things that can pull him out of his self- deprecating bubble are good movie castings, along with people who understand his…

  • Lights


    Photograph taken by Batool Aljfri Batool Aljfri is an aspiring photographer and a writing enthusiast currently studying Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW to turn her hobby for photography into a professional career. Mostly importantly, she is trying to explore the possibilities of life and break old habits through creativity and research.