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  • SRC President’s Report: Influence

    SRC President’s Report: Influence

    By Manu Risoldi Hey UNSW,  What a whirlwind T1 its been! At times like this its incredibly important to check in with your friends and family. Social distancing does not mean we cannot be social. Arc is running many initiatives to keep us socialising over Facebook and Zoom. Our collectives are also working on ways […]

  • Editorial Addresses: Influence

    Editorial Addresses: Influence

    Henry Chen, Editor-in-Chief: Hey there and welcome to Influence! In this issue of Tharunka, we consider where power lies in the world. Notwithstanding the disruption that COVID-19 has caused to our lives, Tharunka is forging on ahead to bring you a diverse range of student ideas, arguments and reflections for the quiet days ahead. In […]

  • White Lotus – Part 2

    White Lotus – Part 2

    Wen Yu Yang is a regular contributor to Tharunka. Content warning: violence Things had come naturally to Lian, the same things that the girl would pay for with sweat and blood, but she had never resented Lian for that.  The girl had spent days trying to replicate her sister’s dance. They said that Lian had […]

  • Del and Aglat #2: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

    Del and Aglat #2: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

    Del and Aglat is a monthly column by Nina Greenhill. “Well, this is it,” Del said, walking through Orleigh’s wicket gate. It was dwarfed by the main gate with its cart and animal traffic.She walked in the narrow passageway, thinking that coffins must be wider than the walls either side. She was always surprised by […]

  • Chants from the Chancellery #1: The Problem with Degrees

    Chants from the Chancellery #1: The Problem with Degrees

    Check out the first installment of Nishant Pandav’s (@NPaNium) regular column on education and university life. When the coronavirus pandemic started getting worse by the day, faculties at UNSW and other universities decided to scrap some of their courses. This was because many Chinese students couldn’t make it to Australia in time for the start […]

  • Science FACT-ion #3: Time Travel

    Science FACT-ion #3: Time Travel

    By Riley Hughes Time travel! Popularised in H.G. Well’s story The Time Machine (1895), time travel has not only become a staple in sci-fi, but in pop culture as a whole. Dramatic movies and TV shows such as About Time (2013) and Outlander (since 2014) use time travel as a framing device to explore human […]