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  • Inside the Disability & Higher Education Report: Where’s UNSW?

    Inside the Disability & Higher Education Report: Where’s UNSW?

    In November, The National Union of Students (NUS), the Australian Law Students’ Association and the Australian Medical Students’ Association released a joint statement calling for an urgent reform of disabilities legislation and standards within the higher education sector.  The report demonstrates significant concerns regarding the systemic neglect of disabled students and staff.   Citing the changes […]

  • Let Albo be Albo

    Let Albo be Albo

    By Alejo Pintos-Lopez The media is still hitting his small target, and Labor’s concealment of its bold, authentic vision is turning away voters, particularly the youth. Will the real Anthony “Fighting Tories” Albanese please, finally, stand up? Interior, day. Anthony Albanese, PM-in-waiting, meets with Labor strategists and communications personnel. The mood is clear: they’ve been […]

  • What’s Past is Prologue #1: A Brief Overview of the History of Post-Soviet Feminism

    What’s Past is Prologue #1: A Brief Overview of the History of Post-Soviet Feminism

    By Issy Golding CW: Brief Mention of Sexual Harassment. Check out the first installment of What’s Past is Prologue, a history-oriented column shedding light on neglected and little-known aspects of the past. Mainstream feminism, broadly defined by the three waves, has seen itself as a universal trajectory of women’s rights in the 20th century. When […]

  • Editorial Address: Truth

    Henry Fake news. Post-truth. Alternative facts. In this fourth issue of Tharunka, Truth, we discover that these contagions are far closer to home than we might like to admit. It’s hard to escape the cognitive dissonance when the Twitter feed of UNSW’s Chief Communications Officer, a former journalist turned spin-doctor, is hacked by a bunch […]

  • SRC President’s Report: Truth Issue

    By Manu Risoldi Hey UNSW! Welcome back and happy T3! I hope you’re well-rested after the holidays and ready to get into another jam-packed trimester. Despite just coming back from a short holiday break the SRC has continued to work incredibly hard in various areas of uni life to maximise our student experience over the […]

  • Procrastination Corner: Editors’ Top Picks #8

    Procrastination Corner: Editors’ Top Picks #8

    Every month the Tharunka editorial team compiles the best media we’ve been avoiding and/or complementing our studies with. Have fun! Books  Axel: I’ve been living for my hour of recreational reading each morning, and that has largely been because of Sabriel by Garth Nix (an Australian! scandal!), the first installment of The Old Kingdom Trilogy, […]