Cafe Review: Organic Bread Bar

Cafe review by Rachel White

This café is definitely one for the COFA students among us. Just a short walk from the Paddington campus, this oasis-like café can cater to all your caffeine and carbohydrate needs. Their fruit buns are a sticky-sweet-slightly-caramalised-finger-lickin’ delight. The pre-made sandwiches are all super yummy and fresh, if a tad out of the average uni student’s budget, and the gluten free tapioca loaf (yay for the celiacs!) is also scrumptious. I will NOT mention the strange sweet-yet-savoury macadamia and rosemary shortbread and will move straight onto the thing you’ve all been waiting for – the coffee. Served in vintage cups and saucers, with novelty spoons (like the ones your Gran collects), the experience begins before you even taste the brew. Strong and organic, this coffee is not for the faint hearted. Perfect for caffeine infused, late night/early morning study sessions.

Open 7am – 7pm, 356 South Dowling Street, Paddington.

Organic Bread Bar