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Cafe Review: Cafei Brioso

Cafe review by Rachel White

Café Brioso, known to frequent visitors of upper campus simply as The Coffee Cart, is as close as you will get to good coffee on campus. The conveyer belt-like team of baristas are super friendly and produce coffee a-mile-a-minute, 9-and-a-half hours a day, 5 days a week. Be warned – people who actually like their coffee to taste like coffee (as opposed to coffee flavoured milk) are obliged to order either a double shot or a three-quarter latte (i.e. only filled up three-quarters of the way), however, the standard price is relatively low so the extra 20c for a double shot doesn’t exactly break the bank, even for us cheapskate students. They also have a loyalty program where every tenth coffee is free, so you can order a small flat white all week long and save up for a large orange mocha frappuccino on Friday! The best thing by far about Café Brioso is not the coffee or even the loyalty program, but it’s close proximity to the terrifyingly dense concentration of FASS buildings that inhabit upper campus. So if you are forced to enter any of these buildings for what is likely to be an extremely painful class, you can fortify yourself with a caffeine induced buzz before it begins (and then the inevitable come down mid-tutorial).

Open 7.30am – 5pm, UNSW Library Lawn