BREAKING: Students plan protest against Kevin Andrews’ anti-marriage equality lecture at conservative UNSW Warrane College

by Team Tharunka


Former Defence Minister, Kevin Andrews


The UNSW Student Representative Council is calling on the conservative UNSW Warrane College to cancel their annual lecture by the former Minister for Defence, Kevin Andrews MP. The event is scheduled for Wednesday October 7th and is titled, ‘The Building Blocks of Western Civilisation: Reflections on Marriage and the Family’.

It is assumed that Mr Andrews’ lecture will address opposing marriage equality and issues surrounding gender, particularly considering he has been a key figure in blocking marriage equality legislation. It is the view of President Billy Bruffey, and the SRC that this lecture will cause UNSW students to feel victimised and isolated, and that Mr Andrews’ views do not conform with those of the University or its students.

Mr Bruffey has emphasised that UNSW is a modern society which has no place for backward thinking or any form of discrimination.

“Our university has a proud history of standing against prejudice and homophobia, and it cannot ignore the damage Andrews will do to that reputation,” Mr Bruffey says.

Students will take place in a rainbow flag stunt and protest outside Warrane College at UNSW at 7pm Wednesday October 7th.



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