Henry Chen

Redundancies Strike UNSW Mental Health Services, But Pre-approved Extra Funding Will Offset Potential Loss of Care

By Marc-Daniel Sidarous Ten psychologists at UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) have accepted voluntary redundancies as part of cost-saving measures at the university. The psychologists, who equated to 5.8 full-time positions, agreed to leave when revenue shortfalls brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic led the university to extreme cost-saving …

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Here’s What Your SRC Candidates Want You to Know

By Juliet Manolias and Henry Chen With this year’s SRC elections closing on Thursday this week, Tharunka gave all candidates the chance to respond to written questions. About half of them took up the opportunity.   To see what the office-bearers said, as well as a run-down on what all …

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SRC Elections 2020: The Lay of the Land

By Juliet Manolias and Henry Chen Another year rolls by, and the SRC elections are upon us once more. Despite the absence of physical campaigning, this year is shaping up to be a hotly contested election, with two emerging student-centric tickets challenging the dominance of three progressive political factions. There …

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