Freya King

Under the Peepal Tree

Tia Singh ‘Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar’ The deep voice of the call for prayer boomed throughout the city. I saw Muslim men with their prayer caps, walking towards the mosque. Out of the ten that passed me, eight turned to stare. Their eyes questioned as they slowed their …

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The budget according to Grug.

2014 federal budget

Cameron McPhedran It was the morning of the Federal Budget. For conservatives in Australia, it felt like the night before Christmas. The sweet succor of poverty, hardened hearts and social inequality were what they had been dreaming of. Tony Abbott was licking his reptilian lips and was strapped into an …

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The Hirst Report – The 2014 Budget

Ned Hirst The 2014 budget is an act of bastardry. I deliberately avoid the familiar trope “political bastardry” because I think it’s worse than that. It is sheer, old-fashioned interpersonal nastiness. There are arguments to be had about its fiscal prudence, but this government is the anti-Robin Hood. They’ve burnt …

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Noodle House Yarns – Arc Board Elections

By David Bailey-Mckay I write this article during Arc Board and university council elections. At the same time, the Bunyip Aristocracy has handed down a budget worthy of Ancien Régime. This article, however, will not be lambasting the federal Coalition – read SRC OB reports for that. Instead, I’ll focus …

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Left vs Right: The Medicare Co-Payment

    Left – Lauren McCracken Have you ever been stuck a few days out from payday with just $3.62 left in your bank account? That’s the amount staring back at me as I check my balance this morning. It’s not something I can’t manage. I have bread in the …

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