2016 Tharunka - Sub Editor

Immerse Yourself in Agony Ibis

Dear Agony Ibis,  I’m fresh out of high school. I’ve just started uni, and I’m excited, but also filled with trepidation. It’s going to be so different. I don’t know anyone. How can I make some friends and have a good time?  The theme of this year’s O-week is Immerse …

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Affirmative Action for Arc Board

By Jocelyn Dracakis, 2016 Women’s Officer Whether this was your first O-week scrounging freebies amid a flurry of Yellow Shirts, or whether you’re a jaded, sixth-year soul no longer discernible from the vintage furniture in the Whitehouse, it’s fair to say that we’ve all learnt to love Arc pretty quickly. …

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