Brittney Rigby - 2017 Tharunka Managing Editor

I Hate Adani and You Can Too

By Bella Olsson I’ll be honest with you – when I first heard that an enormous, foreign owned, emissions-spewing, water-contaminating coal mine was being proposed for central Queensland, my initial reaction was, “This sounds like a truly awful idea that will drive the Great Barrier Reef into the grave, drastically …

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The Dangerous Idea of Universal Basic Income

Can unconditional welfare payments finally provide the solution to working poverty in Australia? By Christopher Valencic Universal basic income (UBI) has been heralded as the future of welfare and a way to finally bring equality to societies with more than enough money to go around. Anyone who has shared the …

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Charity Starts at Home

By Carrie Lee   In recognition of Anti-Poverty Week,  we bring you this piece in collaboration with UNSW’s Social Justice Project.   Four months before I made my final HSC rite of passage, my mum caught a plane to Papua New Guinea and trekked through the jungle, vaccinating communities with …

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