• General Secretary – Candidate Interview

    General Secretary – Candidate Interview

    By Harrisen Leckenby Tharunka interviewed both candidates for the 2023 SRC General Secretary position. Here’s what they said:*  *Due to contracting COVID-19, Vihan Roy provided answers in the form of written responses.   What is your Name and Degree?   Reid – third-year studying Arts and Law, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Politics.   […]

  • SRC President – Candidate Interview

    SRC President – Candidate Interview

    By Alex Neale One of these people will be your SRC President in 2023. Get to know them first.   The two prospective SRC Presidents for 2023 sat down with Tharunka and answered questions about university life, their policies, and why you should care about the upcoming election. Christine Nohra – Unite – Bachelor of Laws […]

  • Women’s Officer – Candidate Interview

    Women’s Officer – Candidate Interview

    By Ellie Ng  As part of Tharunka’s coverage of the 2022 SRC elections, we had the opportunity to sit down and get to know the three candidates running for the position of Women’s Officer:  Emma Terry – Left Action  Estell Mathew – Together  Hannahbeth Marchant – Unite  Emerging from a broad range of perspectives and […]

  • Ethno-Cultural Officer – Candidate Interview

    Ethno-Cultural Officer – Candidate Interview

    By Alejo Pintos-Lopez Name, ticket, and Degree?  Grisha: Grisha Chawla, Unite, B.Arts (Politics and IR, minor in psychology)  Harrison: Harrison Zheng, Together, 4th Year B.Comm/Law  Shovan: Shovan Bhattarai, LeftAction, B.Science/Arts  Have you been part of (or run for) anything student government before, and if so, what were some things you were involved in? If not, have you been […]

  • Is AIESEC a Cult? We investigated | part 1 

    Is AIESEC a Cult? We investigated | part 1 

    By Emma Partis A Reddit post earlier this year attracted some damning comments from individuals claiming to be former members, urging other UNSW students to avoid the organisation. Numerous Reddit posts from other university pages around the world echo this sentiment, and a Quora post featuring one user damningly comparing AIESEC to each of the […]

  • Assessment ghostwriters, cheating company employees can now face up to $100,000 fine and two years in prison  

    Assessment ghostwriters, cheating company employees can now face up to $100,000 fine and two years in prison  

    By Amiabelle Kong Individuals caught contract cheating in tertiary institutions can now face up to 2 years of imprisonment and a $100,000 fine under a new law that has been passed.  Aiming specifically at people who provide and advertise cheating services, the law applies to anyone from overseas or in Australia.  “Penalties of up to two […]