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No Class— Class War

  Twelve minutes. That’s how many minutes I get paid to mark a one-thousand-word essay: to read it, mark it, and give feedback. And then I repeat the process, once over one-hundred times. I doubt that I have ever managed to mark an essay within the given time limit, and I …

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And then it just Hit Me.

  Thirty years ago, five points of light appeared on the Soviet Union’s early detection system for incoming ballistics. The attack was recorded 80km south-east of Moscow in a small military centre named Serpukhov-15, the western control for Oko: a satellite system designed to monitor missile launches from mainland United States. …

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The Real Cost of Blaming the Victim

  On St Patrick’s Day, in Steubenville, Ohio, two high schoolers were found guilty of raping a sixteen-year-old girl at a party in August, 2012. In this case, there was a YouTube video of other high schoolers laughing about the assault, describing how they had witnessed it, and how the victim …

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