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  • John Niland’s Wasteland

    John Niland’s Wasteland

    Some say that John Niland was born under a tree at UNSW. His life has, in one way or another, always revolved around the university. When he was the young student who helped mastermind Foundation Day in 1961, nobody knew how much of a lasting impact he would have had decades later as Vice-Chancellor. Niland’s…

  • On Richard Neville: Unravelling Tharunka’s Larrikin

    On Richard Neville: Unravelling Tharunka’s Larrikin

    For all the words written about the life of Richard Neville I cannot scroll past a black and white image of him in his youth. With a face framed by jet black bangs, Neville has one hand casually perched in his jean pocket, wearing a jacket whose collar is lined with various-sized buttons. What is…

  • Tharunka’s Problem with Colour

    Tharunka’s Problem with Colour

    Although her hair’s turned silvery grey, Wendy Bacon’s beaming smile still sweetly creases her eyes. With age comes wisdom, and perhaps this is most palpable when she admits to Tharunka having a very western view on anti-colonial issues instead of defending or denying its existence like a handful of fragile Whites today. Bacon confessed, “even…

  • Tharunka Gets Fucked

    Tharunka Gets Fucked

    Tharunka recently sat down with Ken Burke, ex-solicitor of the Student Union and “ageless student disentangler” as the Sydney Morning Herald once reported. We spoke about his many interactions with the student paper. He started with the union on the 21st of April 1974, and worked continuously for it and its successors up until 2020,…

  • Red Tape/Red Faces

    Red Tape/Red Faces

    Nearly 20 years ago, a bright-eyed Anthony Levin ran for the Tharunka editorship. It was on a progressive-left ticket, and really only because one of his friends asked if he was interested. He got the position, alongside Alex Tyrell, and together they edited one of the most conceptually interesting years of Tharunka in its history.…

  • What Ever Happened to Tharunka?

    What Ever Happened to Tharunka?

    On a stroll through campus, I passed by a stand holding copies of Tharunka. They were sitting there modestly, half taken. A spiderweb had literally formed across them. No more are the days where copies of Tharunka are flying off the racks, causing a stir with university administrators and students. The docility of today’s Tharunka…