Alex Neale

Remembering Cassius Turvey

By Anoushka Saunders The vigil held at Sydney’s Town Hall on November 2 for Cassius Turvey was filled with people. I arrived to find a crowd including people of all different ages and backgrounds, many of whom wore clothing or pins showcasing the Indigenous Australian flag as a show of …

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Is AIESEC a cult? | What about the money? – Part 2

By Emma Partis While AIESEC markets itself as an NGO that develops leadership in young people, ex-members have expressed concern that their AIESEC experience was less about leadership, and more about selling its own products.   This apparent money-focus is also a reason why some have labelled AIESEC as a ‘cult’ …

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Arc Legal on how to avoid rental scams

By Pia Lenarduzzi International students have emerged as the new victims of Sydney’s worsening rental crisis, with UNSW’s Arc legal and advocacy team receiving increasing numbers of complaints about young tenants being exploited by unscrupulous landlords. According to an Arc Legal and Advocacy representative, who asked that their name not …

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