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NUTs Presents: War Crimes

This piece mentions rape, homophobia, islamaphobia and sexual assault, and may cause distress for some readers. If you would like to report any possible breaches of the Student Code of Conduct, including sexism, students are directed to the Student Integrity Unit for support. https://student.unsw.edu.au/complaints What do you do when your …

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If You Are The One


Dear Agony Ibis, I’m considering going on “If You Are The One”, but I’m scared to do it. My Mandarin is passable, and I’m moderately attractive, but possibly getting humiliated on TV looks scary, even if the opportunity is very exciting. What should I do? From, Am I The One? …

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The Left’s Crisis of Confidence

By Ned Hirst The British Labour Party is currently in the throes of anxiety about whether it can win a general election under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. If Bernie Sanders continues to poll as well as he has been, the Democrats could soon be in a similar position. However, …

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BREAKING: UNSW Vice Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs first of group of eight to oppose fee deregulation

By Edward Bartolo and Carla Zuniga Navarro BREAKING: First Group of Eight University Vice-Chancellor to publicly speak out against fee deregulation. University of New South Wales Vice Chancellor Ian Jacobs is the first dissenting voice within the leading group of Australian universities, calling for the government to rethink the funding …

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