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Why Can't Queer Men Donate Blood?

Any intersection between a cultural struggle for recognition, and a bureaucratic risk assessment, is bound to be messy. In this particular mess, it is no surprise that the Red Cross is particularly risk-averse. Not only is the risk to recipients a concern, but the Red Cross is also hesitant because it relies so heavily on reputation and community goodwill to carry out its work.

Personalised Medicine Using Viruses, and the Bio-hacker Who Just Wants a Slice of Pizza.

In January 2018, the bio-hacker took the pills and up until now (March, 2018), he is happily satisfying his pizza cravings. This suggests, amazingly, that his experiment did work and his body is producing the lactase enzyme. However, gene therapy using viral vectors is known to only provide temporary cures.


Psychology of Viral Content

Whether it is sadness, happiness, anger, or disgust, viral media intensifies our emotions. The significance of viral content online has expanded to the extent that viral marketing has become a new discipline of business, which calls for an examination of the nature of viral media.


Natural Hair - Rebellious, Defiant, kinky

Black bodies have been, and continue to be, policed and exploited, dating back to the first waves of
early colonisation. Their physical characteristics and cultural practices were weaponised against
them to perpetuate harmful stereotypes of incompetence and inferiority, fuelling white supremacy around the world.


The Nature of Sex : 

What wildlife teaches us about reproduction, gender, and pleasure

Nature swarms with examples demonstrating that sex is not a simple equation of ‘male and female results in offspring’. It is anything but unusual to encounter homosexuality and hermaphroditism, both of which are methods of reproduction.