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The crinkly old man goes to buy kibble but does not get there

  1. You see, the crinkly old man had forgotten to feed the kitten that morning and so she was beginning to gurgle with hunger. The crinkly old man was in the middle of writing his first novel (it wasn’t very good) but decided he would put it aside and go get some kibble as he had run out.

  1. The crinkly old man jostled over to his ancient, creaky car and putted down the road on his way to the store. Unfortunately, near the main road was a very busy zebra crossing that often had people slinking across the street. There was a university, a hospital, a pub, a book store, a kebab eatery, a bakery and a coffee shop nearby so people were constantly dribbling across the road. On this day the crinkly old man found he could not pass through the road as there were too many people. He waited and waited and then suddenly he found it was getting dark and yet there were still people coming and he was still waiting. Then night crept into day and the crinkly old man still could not pass. The crinkly old man was a polite gentleman but even he was getting frustrated as he had things to do (like feed the kitten and finish his not-very-good-novel). However, he kept waiting day after day but the flow of people did not seem to stop. He was waiting for so long that people began to come to the zebra crossing to witness the spectacle of the waiting crinkly old man. So there were even more people at the crossing than ever and so the crinkly old man still could not drive down the road. Some of the people took photos of the crinkly old man and asked him to wave. He waved at some of them but soon got tired of waving and just faced the street. Then one day after waiting in the car for many days and nights the crinkly old man squeezed the steering wheel and said ‘Geez there are a lot of people here’ and died.

  1. It was really said but thankfully someone went to his house with some kibble and fed his cat (she was now a cat).

Michaela Vaughn [twitname]mvaughn101[/twitname]