A close-up photograph of a sparkler, sparking in yellow, orange, and red.

365 Days of Fireworks

By Rubana Islam

I am
Now do you feel the heat?
I sent you a message
in the howling of the wind
          Listen, please?

It pained me when you seared
through my mantle
        emptied me to my core
To fuel your desires
Hoard more than ever could fit
        in that abode of yours
I gasped for breath as the plastic bags wrapped 

around my head
        For mercy I begged.

Unabashed you
took up a million candles
colored the sky bright
a new dawn, as I writhed.
Your mirth in the night jeered
through my veins
Gave birth of a wrath
                uncontrolled, beyond your restraint and mine.

Now I burn, ruthless

through forests and homes




Reckless you, and your haughtiness

But my koalas and kangaroos 

pay the price.

Pitiless and cruel you may
imagine me
All I really wanted was for you to care
to love me in my skin.
What will it take for you to stop
looting and corrupting
              my being?

I am




Now will you listen?       Now do you feel?

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